Bunkhouse #2 for Groups up to 40 by Ark Encounter


Book one or both of our 3500 sqft bunkhouses, which can sleep up to 40 each.  Better than primitive camping and much less expensive (and more fun) than a hotel!

Check-in: 4:00 pm Check-out: 11:00 am
Infant (0-2)
Child (3-11)
Youth (12-18)



This listing is for ONE of our bunkhouses, which can be configured for your group of up to 40 using bunk beds for kids and twins and futons that convert to double beds for chaperones. We can easily sleep over 100 people without an issue at an additional cost – reserve Bunkhouse #1 here.

Our bunk houses are 3500 sqft each. One side connects directly to the men’s bathhouse and one side connects directly to the women’s.  This bunkhouse is adjacent to the women’s restrooms.

Our two newly renovated bathhouses each contain 5 toilets, 5 showers and 4 large sinks, as well as a baby changing area. There are handicapped bathroom and shower stalls in each as well.

You will need to bring sleeping bag, pillow and a towel.  Please be aware of average temperatures for our area.

Average Temperatures for Falmouth KY

We typically have lows in the upper 60s throughout the summer, and highs just above freezing half of late fall into winter.


  • Rates depends on season with higher prices in the winter to compensate for additional heating costs
  • Bunkhouse set up with combination of bunks, singles and futons
  • Up to 40 people per bunkhouse at no additional charge, up to 50 if you bring blow up or other bedding
  • Sanitizing and cleaning fee – every used surface is sprayed with an allergy-friendly disinfectant then wiped down, floors swept, trashed removed before your arrival

We Provide:

  • Bunkhouse and bathrooms
  • Bunk beds with latex mattresses only and futons
  • Tables and chairs
  • Board games, decks of cards and some outdoor equipment
  • Breakfast and lunch are available at an additional cost, reserved in advance
  • For the winter, there is limited heat consisting of electric radiators, plus propane when below freezing
  • For the summer, there are two portable AC units per bunkhouse positioned near the beds, with several fans throughout

Reservations & Deposits

  • Reservations can be made online instantly or by calling us
  • Minimum 50% deposit (non-refundable unless your space is reserved by another party, see “Cancellation Refunds” below)
  • Pay all or pay deposit with balance due 14 days prior to reservation date (you will receive an email the day prior to this)
  • Login any time to pay the balance, or at intervals you choose

Cancellation Policy

  • Cleaning fee is refunded 100% for any cancellation
  • Food costs are refunded 100% for any cancellation made 7 days prior to check-in
  • Lodging costs are refunded 50% up to 14 days prior to check-in
  • No refunds for any cancellations made 14 days or closer to your check-in date

Cancellation Refunds

Consider 50% of your lodging costs to be non-refundable.  Deposits provide our basic income for the property and allow us to provide staff to set up your stay, purchase food for your group and more. In the event you need to cancel and we can rebook the date(s) you reserved, we will happily refund you. We ask that you share your dates on social media or with friends to help us rebook if possible. Many hands make light work! :)

Because we offer a combination of reservation sources (through Expedia, Airbnb, etc.), we most often will not receive funds for third party bookings until after the check-in date.  If your lodging date(s) rebook, we will refund your deposit within 30 days of the check-in date.

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