The events we have are focused on families and small businesses – we want them both to succeed!  This is our Second Family Fall Festival, and we plan to hold one every year.  You can find more about us, the venue and where we are throughout this website.  We are located in Falmouth, KY just down the street from the Wool Fest grounds and Kincaid Lake State Park.

This year, our festival will have an adults night for after work shopping and gathering with friends on Friday, 5-9pm.  On Saturday, we will have family friendly activities for kids and parents from 12-5pm.  This will be the same weekend as the Wool Festival.

What your fee contributes to:

  • Children’s activities
  • Cleaning and sanitizing as required by local and state laws
  • Clean restrooms (water, toilet paper, paper towels, trash)
  • Heat sources (if needed)
  • Free onsite parking for everyone (and fixing ruts caused by it after the event)
  • Advertising (paper and online) to bring you customers
  • Continual marketing
  • Staffing costs: set up (signage, trash, restroom attendant, etc.), trash management, cleaning
  • And everything else that goes along with supporting a venue