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Bathroom Update – Before and After


bathroom is a really important room in any home or business. Our campground is no exception! We love that we are able to have bathroom access for our visitors, but it was in need of an upgrade and an update. We had a a very small budget, a few major challenges but all in all, it turned out better than expected.

Our goals really centered around two things: 1) if you were getting married at Laurel Bend, would you want to be in this bathroom in your wedding dress? 2) would you feel comfortable taking a shower here? Really, if the answer could be yes to both of those questions, the rest of any issues would be taken care of, right?

Bathroom Before

Let’s review what’s going on here…. shower curtains are removable, so no big deal there. The counters and bases needed to be replaced, there was no handicap access for sinks, the faucet membranes and components were dry rotted and faucets were broken or corroded. Our main focus was clean, handicap accessible and camper friendly.

With a really small budget, our original plan was to use commercial vinyl tile picked up on clearance over the chiclet tiles on the floor and paint the walls. We went through several discussions and idea boards. We decided to keep a clean rustic look in order to get everything we needed and stay on budget.

And then we started

We decided to renovate the bathrooms in the main building using the tiles since the chiclet tiles were in such great shape. Safety and sanitization were the biggest concerns with the flooring, so we were able to find a few products designed for these situations for not only the floor coating but also a non-slip top coating.

Our walls were in amazing shape with no real issues or cracks. We painted with a primer and then a porch enamel. They came out beautifully in a crisp white color by Behr called “Bit of Sugar”.

For budget, the original plan was to paint all of the toilet partitions a silver or dark color and put them back up, but when removing them, they started falling apart. Partitions like these new are several thousand dollars (about $14,000) for both bathrooms, so we made the decision to keep them rustic to match the shower doors and other aesthetics. They turned out pretty gorgeous.

What we used

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  • Sherwin Williams Porch & Floor Enamel custom tinted to match Behr’s Bit of Sugar.  This color is a favorite because it is a nice plain white without any hue (some are yellow, some are blue, this is just white – like looking into a sugar canister but on your wall).
  • Don’t Forget to buy when there is a sale – or to ask for a discount.  It is usually 30% off paints and stains.


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